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PLO Wheel train

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Slotted shaft M10/150 flat - Repex Floor
Slotted shaft M10/150 flat 1207
41.30€ Excluding VAT
Wheel support lever - Repex Floor
Wheel support lever 1201
189.00€ Excluding VAT
Secondary lever - Repex Floor
Secondary lever 1202
93.00€ Excluding VAT
Wheelset axle - Repex Floor
Wheelset axle 1215
19.12€ Excluding VAT
Wheel set screw spring - Repex Floor
Wheel set screw spring 1211
14.85€ Excluding VAT
Return spring - Repex Floor
Return spring 1203
4.20€ Excluding VAT
Wheel tyres - Repex Floor
Wheel tyres 1218
27.90€ Excluding VAT
Pressure spring - Repex Floor
Pressure spring 1208
15.55€ Excluding VAT
Square head threaded rod - Repex Floor
Square head threaded rod 1205
32.90€ Excluding VAT
Foam rubber shock absorber - Repex Floor
Foam rubber shock absorber 1206
22.00€ Excluding VAT
Threaded plate - Repex Floor
Threaded plate 12072
9.03€ Excluding VAT
Rod Ø10 for adjustment screw - Repex Floor
Rod Ø10 for adjustment screw 1209
17.04€ Excluding VAT
Adjustment screw - Repex Floor
Adjustment screw 1210
77.00€ Excluding VAT
Polyurethane wheel - Repex Floor
Polyurethane starter wheel 1212
65.00€ Excluding VAT


PLO Wheel train

Spare parts PLO wheel train

The spare parts for the wheel assembly of a PLO OURAGAN sander are essential for the mobility and stability of the machine. Among these components, the wheel tyre ensures optimum grip, the support levers allow height adjustment, the rods and pins connect the parts, and the springs help absorb shocks. These spare parts ensure that the sander moves smoothly and operates reliably, while facilitating the adjustments needed for different types of surface.

Some spare parts for the PLO wheel train are available on this page.