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Suction channel - Repex Floor
Suction channel 1301
217.00€ Excluding VAT
Needle valve block - Repex Floor
Needle valve block 1302
35.90€ Excluding VAT
Suction elbow - Repex Floor
Suction elbow 1315
98.00€ Excluding VAT
Fan housing - Repex Floor
Fan housing 1303
345.00€ Excluding VAT
Suction elbow seal - Repex Floor
Suction elbow seal 1316
2.52€ Excluding VAT
Turbine bearing cover - Repex Floor
Turbine bearing cover 1304
27.40€ Excluding VAT
Turbine bushing - Repex Floor
Turbine bushing 13072
6.84€ Excluding VAT
Fan shaft - Repex Floor
Fan shaft 1308
92.00€ Excluding VAT
Suction pulley PLO - Repex Floor
Suction pulley PLO 1311
54.00€ Excluding VAT
Hoover tube Ouragan - Repex Floor
Hoover tube Ouragan 1314
36.80€ Excluding VAT
Spacer ring - Repex Floor
Spacer ring 1310
15.17€ Excluding VAT
Turbine - Repex Floor
Turbine 1307
108.00€ Excluding VAT
Suction tube fixed flange - Repex Floor
Suction tube fixed flange 1313
119.00€ Excluding VAT

PLO Vacuum

Spare parts for PLO Vacuum

The spare parts for the dust extraction system on a PLO OURAGAN sander are essential to ensure effective collection of the dust and debris generated during sanding. The turbine generates the suction force, the gasket ensures the seal, the turbine ring holds everything in place, the needle block regulates the air flow, the elbows direct the suction, and the ventilation cage protects the system. These spare parts help maintain the performance of the suction system, ensuring a clean and healthy working environment.

Some spare parts for the PLO extraction system are available on this page.