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Cable holder rail - Repex Floor
Cable holder rail 1509
30.70€ Excluding VAT
Chassis sleeve fixing flange - Repex Floor
Chassis sleeve fixing flange 1504
79.00€ Excluding VAT
Handle tube Ouragan - Repex Floor
Handle tube Ouragan 1501
39.10€ Excluding VAT
Wooden handle - Repex Floor
Wooden handle 12010700
35.40€ Excluding VAT
Square nut 11 MM - Repex Floor
Square nut 11 MM 1510
26.40€ Excluding VAT
Tube clamp plug - Repex Floor
Tube clamp plug 1502
18.14€ Excluding VAT
Lower sleeve flange - Repex Floor
Lower sleeve flange 1505
69.00€ Excluding VAT
Upper sleeve flange - Repex Floor
Upper sleeve flange 1507
100.00€ Excluding VAT

PLO handle


Spare parts PLO handle

The spare parts for the handle of an OURAGAN PLO sander are crucial to ensuring comfortable and efficient handling of the appliance. The flanges and tube form the support structure, the clamping plug secures the handle in place, the handle provides an ergonomic grip, and the rod provides the connection to the rest of the sander. These replacement components contribute to the sander's manoeuvrability and allow adjustments to be made to suit different user needs.

Some spare parts for the PLO handle are available on this page.