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PLO Guard

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Protective housing - Repex Floor
Protective housing 1701
229.00€ Excluding VAT
Belt guard pin - Repex Floor
Belt guard pin 1703
7.04€ Excluding VAT
Housing fixing nut - Repex Floor
Housing fixing nut 1705
6.30€ Excluding VAT
Machined cleat - Repex Floor
Machined cleat 1702
39.90€ Excluding VAT

PLO Guard


Spare parts for the PLO Guard

The spare parts for the protective housing of a PLO OURAGAN sander are crucial to ensuring the user's safety during use. The guard itself protects against flying debris, while the spindle maintains its position. The cleat plate ensures precise positioning, the nut secures the housing, and the gland ensures a watertight seal. These replacement components contribute to the safe use of the sander by keeping the protective housing in good working order.

Some loose parts of the PLO housing are available on this page.