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Complete control box - Repex Floor
Complete control box 2700BE
520.56€ Excluding VAT
Aluminium housing - Repex Floor
Aluminium housing 2713
255.00€ Excluding VAT
Motor pulley Mistral - Repex Floor
Motor pulley Mistral 2712
65.00€ Excluding VAT
Selector switch Mistral - Repex Floor
Selector switch Mistral 2724
60.00€ Excluding VAT
Cooling fans - Repex Floor
Cooling fans 2711
46.40€ Excluding VAT
Pulley holding washer - Repex Floor
Pulley holding washer 27121
1.32€ Excluding VAT
Switch FZ - Repex Floor
Switch FZ 55508
145.00€ Excluding VAT
Female three-phase connection strip with 7 plugs - Repex Floor
Female three-phase connection strip with 7 plugs 55541MF7
8.50€ Excluding VAT
Static capacitor 75µF - Repex Floor
Static capacitor 75µF 75 MF
66.00€ Excluding VAT
Resistor - Repex Floor
Resistor 136042
0.82€ Excluding VAT

PLE motor 

Spare parts for the PLE motor 

Spare parts for the PLE Mistral sander motor include components such as the drums, pulley, gearbox and retaining washer. These components are the heart of the machine, ensuring power, transmission and reliable operation of the tool, guaranteeing quality sanding results.

Some spare parts for the PLE motor are available on this page.