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'OURAGAN" sander - single phase 3500W

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The Repex Ouragan sander is the favorite of traditional Floorers.

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In intensive use, its power offers an exceptional sanding speed. (Cutting speed 25 m /s for a range required by abrasive manufacturers between
22 and 30 m /s). Very handy, its hand lever (clutch) allows flexible contact with the ground and precise control of the weight of the machine resting on the sanding drum. An adjusting screw keeps constant pressure on the drum, which gives the possibility, depending on the abrasive chosen, to adjust the biting of the sander on the floor.

■ Single-phase motor 220 V / 3.5 KW (power: 4.8 HP)
■ Three-phase motor 220/380 V / 4.1 KW (power 5.6 HP)
■ Recommended fuse : 16 A - protection by undervoltage circuit breaker
■ Motor speed: 3000 rpm
■ Electronic safety device that recognizes the voltage (220 or 380 V)
■ Possibility to use the machine equipped with a three-phase motor from a single-phase
power source using a transformer box
■ Remote drum on the chassis: allows to get as close as possible to the baseboards
■ Drum diameter: 190 mm, width: 203 mm. (Belts: 200 x 592 mm)
■ Drum speed: 2500 rpm
■ Easy to assemble, disassemble and transport
■ Instant parallelism adjustment (without stopping the machine)
■ Suction channel can be removed quickly and without tools
■ Frame in reinforced aluminium alloy
■ Dimensions 82 x 21 x 90 cm
■ Total weight: 90 Kg
■ Chassis weight: 43 Kg
■ Engine weight: 37 Kg
■ Drum weight: 10 Kg
■ Accessories: 12.5 m cable, dust bag, 3 wrenches

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