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Ø38 elbow tube - Repex Floor
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Ø38 elbow tube

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Ø38 elbow tube 14110402

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Ø38 elbow tube

Ø38 elbow tube 

for 4D2 machine

A Ø38 bent tube is a part specifically designed to facilitate handling of the appliance and to facilitate access to certain hard-to-reach areas. It has two main functions:

1. Ergonomics: the angled tube enables the user to hold the single-brush sander more comfortably and naturally. It provides an adapted grip for better handling of the tool during sanding or polishing operations.

2. Access to restricted areas: the angled tube makes it possible to reach narrow or hard-to-reach spaces, such as corners, edges or low surfaces. This makes the single-brush sander more versatile, enabling it to work on a wider variety of surfaces.

In terms of when to consider changing the Ø38 bent tube, the same factors as previously mentioned for the straight tube apply:

1. Wear: if the bent tube shows signs of wear such as cracks, deformation or broken parts, it's time to replace it. Wear can be caused by prolonged use or difficult working conditions.

2. Damage: shocks or accidents can damage the bent tube of the single-brush sander, affecting its functionality and ergonomics.

3. Leaks or malfunctions: as the bent tube is involved in the channelling of materials, leaks or circulation problems may occur if the part is damaged or degraded.

4. Preventive maintenance: as with any piece of equipment, it's a good idea to follow the Repex Floor manufacturer's guidelines on maintenance and part replacement intervals.

In conclusion, consider replacing the Ø38 elbow tube when it shows signs of wear, major damage or when its operation is affected. This will maintain the efficiency, safety and durability of the unit in use.

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Ø38 elbow tube

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