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Motor pulley

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Motor pulley 9009

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Motor pulley

Motor pulley

for ALIZE sander 

The motor pulley in a sander is an important part of the motor that transfers power from the motor to the sanding pad. Specifically, the motor pulley is used to increase or decrease the speed of the sanding plate relative to the speed of the motor.

In a sander, the motor is usually attached to the base of the tool and is equipped with a pulley that is connected by a belt to another pulley on the sanding plate shaft. The size of the pulley on the sanding pad shaft determines the speed of rotation of the pad in relation to the speed of rotation of the motor. If the pulley on the sanding pad shaft is smaller than the motor pulley, the pad will turn faster than the motor. If the pulley on the platen is larger, the platen will turn slower than the motor.

Setting the speed of the sanding pad is important because it can influence the efficiency of the sanding and the quality of the finish. Some sanding jobs require a higher speed to remove material quickly, while other jobs require a lower speed to achieve a smoother finish.

By using a motor pulley, sander users can adjust the speed of the sanding pad to suit the specific sanding task. This allows greater flexibility and better sanding quality for different types of materials and projects.


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Motor pulley

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