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Major Drum

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Drum shaft sub-assembly - Repex Floor
Drum shaft sub-assembly 12030000
527.00€ Excluding VAT
Nozzle - Repex Floor
Nozzle 12030001
172.00€ Excluding VAT
Endless belt drum - Repex Floor
Endless belt drum 12120000
412.50€ Excluding VAT
Drum mounting washer - Repex Floor
Drum mounting washer 12120300
34.50€ Excluding VAT

Major Drum

Spare parts for the Major drum

The spare parts for the Major drum of a Major sander are essential for maintaining efficient sanding. These include the drum as the central element responsible for sanding, the sub-assembly encompassing various components, the nozzle contributing to dust collection, and the washers ensuring mounting and stability. These spare parts ensure that the Drum Shaft operates optimally, guaranteeing high-quality sanding results.

Some spare parts for the Major Drum Shaft are available on this page.