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Welded belt pressure regulator - Repex Floor
Welded belt pressure regulator 12010000
34.60€ Excluding VAT
Roller axle- Repex Floor
Roller axle 12070102
10.76€ Excluding VAT
Outer cone - Repex Floor
Outer cone 12090106
27.30€ Excluding VAT
Inner cone - Repex Floor
Inner cone 12090109
28.70€ Excluding VAT
Movable roller - Repex Floor
Movable roller 12070101
39.40€ Excluding VAT
Movable roller - Repex Floor
Movable roller 12070000
80.00€ Excluding VAT
Closing clamp - Repex Floor
Closing clamp 12011900
39.40€ Excluding VAT
Tensioning roller sub-assembly - Repex Floor
Tensioning roller sub-assembly 12090000
760.00€ Excluding VAT
Ball joint - Repex Floor
Ball joint 12090118
24.90€ Excluding VAT
Fixed roller - Repex Floor
Fixed roller 12011400
16.39€ Excluding VAT
Fixed roller spacer - Repex Floor
Fixed roller spacer 12011300
6.62€ Excluding VAT
Rear upright - Repex Floor
rear upright 12010200
424.00€ Excluding VAT
Tensioning roller - Repex Floor
Tensioning roller 12090105
126.00€ Excluding VAT
Pressure axis - Repex Floor
Pressure axis 12100103
22.50€ Excluding VAT
Quick-release lever - Repex Floor
Quick-release lever 12010602
39.40€ Excluding VAT
Drill bush - Repex Floor
Drill bush 12010203
14.17€ Excluding VAT
Front handle - Repex Floor
Front handle 12010109
29.50€ Excluding VAT
Rear belt cover plate - Repex Floor
Rear belt cover plate 12012400
18.81€ Excluding VAT
Spring pivot - Repex Floor
Spring pivot 12010101
18.81€ Excluding VAT
Tensioner Pivot - Repex Floor
Tensioner Pivot 12010114
39.40€ Excluding VAT
Front handle ring - Repex Floor
Front handle ring 12010110
7.34€ Excluding VAT
Pressure spring pin - Repex Floor
Pressure spring pin 12100101
31.00€ Excluding VAT
Left door - Repex Floor
Left door 12010402P
240.00€ Excluding VAT
Square flange - Repex Floor
Square flange 12010601
92.00€ Excluding VAT

Major chassis

Spare parts Major chassis

The spare parts for the motor of a Major sander include various components that play a crucial role in the operation of the machine. These parts include a pressure regulator to regulate air pressure, a cone for fixing, pivots for movement, sheet metal rods for structure, springs for shock absorption, and rods for connecting elements. These spare parts keep the Major sander's motor running smoothly and maintain optimum performance.

Some loose Major chassis parts are available on this page.