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Light single-brush machine

Light single-brush machine: very practical!

The Light single-brush machine is lightweight. It's an indispensable tool in the cleaning industry for preparing floors before applying new coats of finish. Designed for manoeuvrability and efficiency, it excels at preparing surfaces before applying new coats of finish. This versatile machine removes residues, smoothes imperfections and ensures optimum adhesion of subsequent coats. In this article, we'll explore the various specific uses of the lightweight single disc machine, with particular emphasis on its crucial role in floor stripping. If you're a floor professional, find out how to maximise the efficiency of the lightweight single disc machine. Mastering the art of scrubbing will enable you to transform your surfaces with precision, ease and finesse!

Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's

Although the Light single-brush machine is a versatile and effective tool for many floor preparation and polishing tasks, it will never replace a belt sander or a 4D single disc machine equipped with platens for intensive sanding work. When the floor needs to be stripped bare for complete restoration, only these specialist machines can offer the power and precision needed to thoroughly remove damaged layers and optimally prepare the surface. However, the light single-brush machine remains a valuable addition for regular finishing and maintenance.

The benefits of the Light single-brush machine

The Light single-brush machine has many advantages, not least its light weight and manoeuvrability, making it an ideal choice for small, hard-to-reach spaces. While a heavier machine may be needed for the initial stages of floor preparation, the low-speed single disc machine becomes an invaluable asset once the initial sanding is complete. It allows the work to continue unhindered, making it easier to transport and more pleasant to use for finishing and regular maintenance. Its ability to navigate easily in confined areas and its simplicity of use make it an essential tool for ensuring that floors are perfectly prepared and maintained with minimum effort.

What are the uses for the Light single-brush machine?

The main uses of the Light single-brush machine are varied and essential for optimum floor maintenance. Firstly, it excels at stripping, a crucial process in which the single disc machine removes old layers of wax or finish to prepare the floor optimally for new coverings. It's also ideal for polishing, giving a shiny new look to marble, granite or varnished wood surfaces, thanks to its rotating movements that bring out the natural shine of the materials. Finally, its lightness and manoeuvrability make it a tool of choice, particularly suited to confined spaces, where it can be easily handled without excessive effort, guaranteeing efficient, stress-free cleaning.

How it works

TheLight single-brush machine uses a telescopic handle or drawbar connected to an ergonomic handle, and is equipped with a 1200w electric motor that turns a low-speed brush over the floor. This machine combines the essential factors for cleaning, polishing and simple stripping tasks. The turning radius makes it easy to manoeuvre and ensures that the brush rotates smoothly and efficiently. This versatile single-brush machine can be used for a wide range of operations, including polishing, stripping and stripping floors. It washes and wipes, but does not suck up waste like a ride-on or self-propelled scrubber-drier. However, it is possible to add a water and dust extraction kit to the single-brush cleaning head to overcome this limitation.


For effective cleaning with a Light single-brush machine, it's crucial to choose brushes according to the specific tasks to be carried out. For example, for intensive scrubbing of worn or very dirty floors, a black brush is recommended. This rigid brush provides intensive scrubbing for general scouring or stripping of finishes on hard surfaces.
This type of brush is designed to remove layers of stubborn dirt and encrusted residues, offering a powerful abrasive action that restores damaged surfaces without going as far as sanding. Using aLight single-brush machine with an appropriate brush ensures thorough cleaning, preparing the floor for subsequent polishing or finishing steps.


Sanding is a common stage in surface preparation, particularly in wood finishing work. Here's what it means:

  • On wood :

After applying a pore filler or between two coats of varnish, the surface is sanded. Sanding consists of lightly sanding the surface with a fine to very fine abrasive. The aim is to remove roughness without scratching or digging into the finish film.
To obtain a perfectly smooth surface, several sanding stages may be necessary before the topcoat.
The abrasives used have increasing fineness, such as 220, 240, 320 and 400.

  • In building techniques:

After plastering, sanding is used to remove small roughnesses or runs. In interior decoration, painted surfaces are sanded before repainting or between two coats of paint. Sanding can be done with a triple-zero steel wool pad or with an abrasive. It is essential to work on a perfectly dry surface for best results.


Polishing hard floors such as marble or stone is essential to obtain a smooth, shiny and impeccable surface. Polishing is also used for varnished wooden surfaces to make them shinier. Mechanical polishing is similar to sanding, but with much finer grit. At each stage of polishing, the scratches created by the previous stage are sanded down until they are so fine that they are no longer visible to the naked eye. The roughness of the stone gradually disappears, giving way to an increasingly high ‘mechanical shine’.
Crystallisation is a mechanical-chemical process that lifts the stone to a ‘mirror shine’ and brings out its colours. However, crystallisation does not remove stains or scratches. It does improve the surface's resistance and ease of maintenance.


  • Pads

Discs or pads for Light single-brush machines are essential tools for cleaning and preparing floors. Here are some important details about them:

Effective removal of floor finishes: These pads are specially designed to remove old coats of finish, black marks and stains from floor surfaces. They are particularly useful for restoring floors to their original cleanliness and appearance.
Versatile use: the pads are suitable not only for cleaning dirty floors, but also for treating concrete floors. They can be used with the appropriate cleaning products to achieve optimum results.
Malleable fibres for optimum contact: the special feature of these pads is their malleable fibres. This ensures precise contact with the floor surface, for efficient sanding and cleaning. What's more, this design helps to preserve the durability of the discs, making them suitable for prolonged use.

  • Brushes

Brushes for Light single-brushh machines are essential for cleaning and maintaining floors. Depending on the type of floor and the cleaning job to be done, the appropriate brush (nylon, polypropylene, etc.) or disc/pad holder can be chosen. A low-speed single-brush machine can work wet with a water tank fitted to the handle. There are several types of brush:

Washing brush: used to clean uneven, smooth floors. It is effective at removing dirt and stains.
Nylon brush: Ideal for shampooing carpets or washing hard floors.
Polypropylene brush: Suitable for cleaning heavily soiled floors, especially concrete floors.


The Light single-brush excels in floor cleaning thanks to its multiple functions. When scrubbing, it stands out for its ability to effectively remove old layers of wax or finish, preparing the surface perfectly for the application of new coverings. This step is essential to ensure perfect adhesion and an impeccable end result. In terms of polishing, the light monobrush is unrivalled for restoring marble, granite or varnished wood floors to their original lustre. Its rotary movements and advanced technology bring out the natural shine of materials, leaving surfaces spotless and as good as new. Finally, its lightness and manoeuvrability make it particularly well-suited to small spaces, allowing easy, effortless handling even in the most difficult-to-reach places. These features make the lightweight single disc machine an indispensable tool for professional-quality cleaning and maintenance.





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