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Intensive Floor Cleaner
Intensive Cleaner 1L BL01109107
23.83€ Excluding VAT
Floor cleaner and degreaser
Degreaser stripper 1L BL01100227
13.80€ Excluding VAT

Stripping, des produits adaptés 

Stripping is an essential step in the process of cleaning sealed parquet floors, designed to remove old, hardened layers of metal. This process involves applying a specially formulated stripper to dissolve the old protective layers without damaging the floor. Once the stripper has been applied, the floor is usually scrubbed using a single-brush machine fitted with a soft abrasive disc, which effectively removes any residual metal coating. Once this operation is complete, the floor is carefully rinsed and dried to remove all traces of stripper. This in-depth cleaning prepares the surface of the floor to receive a new coat of vitrification, guaranteeing optimum protection and a renewed appearance.

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