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Fan shaft

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Fan shaft 1308

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Fan shaft

Fan shaft  

with left-hand nut

for OURAGAN PLO belt grinder

The fan shaft is a central mechanical part that plays a crucial role in the operation of the sander's suction system. This part is located inside the suction turbine and is connected to the fan that generates the air flow needed to collect dust and debris.

The role of the suction fan shaft is to convert the power of the motor into the rotary motion of the fan, which creates the airflow needed to suck the dust and debris particles through the suction system. The fan shaft thus ensures efficient air circulation to guarantee optimum dust collection and maintain a clean working environment.

When should I consider changing the suction fan shaft on my belt sander?

1. Unusual noises: if you hear excessive noises, vibrations or squeaking coming from the suction part of the sander, this may indicate that the fan shaft is malfunctioning.

2. Reduced performance: if you notice a reduction in the overall efficiency of the belt sander's suction system, dust collection is less efficient, or you notice a reduction in airflow, this may indicate a problem with the fan shaft.

3. Wear or damage: like any moving mechanical part, the fan shaft can wear out with time and regular use. Signs of wear, deformation or damage to the shaft may appear, which may affect its correct operation.

In conclusion, the suction fan shaft of the belt sander is an essential part in generating the airflow needed to collect dust and debris. If you notice unusual noises, a reduction in the performance of the suction system, or signs of wear or damage to the shaft, it is recommended that you check it and replace it if necessary. Make sure you choose a quality replacement fan shaft (Repex Floor certified) that is compatible with your model of belt sander. Regular replacement of the fan shaft will help maintain an efficient suction system and extend the life of your belt sander.

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Fan shaft

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