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Cone on the knob side - Repex Floor
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Cone on the knob side

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Cone on the knob side 12100106

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Cone on the knob side

Cone on the knob side


The cone on the knob side is an essential part of the sander mechanism. Its main role is to hold the knob in place and allow it to be adjusted to adjust various sander parameters. Here is some information about this part and its maintenance:

Function of the cone (knob side) of the sander frame :

The knob side cone is a key component for adjusting and maintaining the knob position on the sander. This knob can be used to adjust parameters such as sander speed, sanding depth or other features depending on the sander model. The cone allows the knob to remain in place while allowing its movement to make these adjustments.

Potential wear points :

1. Knob wear: The knob itself can wear over time due to repeated use. This can result in less precise adjustment of the sander settings.

2. Cone wear: The cone can also wear due to constant friction during adjustment. Excessive wear can result in excessive knob play and poor positional hold.

3. Corrosion or dirt : The cone and knob may be exposed to dust particles or corrosive environments. This can lead to a build-up of dirt or corrosion, which can impair the operation of the adjustment mechanism.

When to change the part:

When to replace the chassis cone depends mainly on how worn the knob and the cone itself are.

Here are some signs that the part needs changing:

1. Excessive play in the knob: If you notice that the knob has excessive play, which means that it moves uncontrollably or does not stay in place after adjustment, it is time to check the condition of the cone and replace it if necessary.

2. Difficulty adjusting: If the knob is difficult to turn or adjust due to wear on the cone, we recommend replacing the part to ensure accurate adjustment.

3. Visible wear: If you notice that the cone on the knob side is showing signs of wear, such as nicks, cracks or uneven surfaces, it is time to replace it to ensure optimum operation.

It is important to note that regular maintenance of the sander, including inspection of the cone and knob, is essential to prevent major problems and maintain the precision of the sander. The timing of replacement will depend on the amount of wear observed and the frequency of use of the machine.

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Cone on the knob side

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