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Clevis pin

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Clevis pin 12010106

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Clevis pin

Clevis pin

Clevis pin for the Major sander

The clevis pin on the Major sander frame is an important part of the mechanism of the Major sander, an electric tool used for sanding various surfaces. This part plays a crucial role in the operation of the sander by maintaining the machine's axis of rotation and allowing the sanding disc to turn correctly. Here's some information about its use and wear points:

1. Purpose: The frame spindle clevis is a part of the sander frame that houses the rotation spindle. It acts as a solid support for the spindle and ensures the stability of the entire sander. This allows the user to control the machine effectively while sanding.

2. Wear points: The most common wear points on the Major sander frame clevis with spindle are as follows:

   a. Mechanical wear: Wear due to the constant friction of the rotation axis can cause damage to the clevis. Cracks or deformations may appear over time.

   b. Corrosion: If the sander is used in damp environments or in the presence of corrosive materials, this may lead to corrosion of the screed.

   c. Shocks and impacts: Accidental knocks or impacts on the sander can damage the screed and its spindle.

d. General wear: With regular use, the clevis and axle can wear naturally.

3. When it is necessary to replace the part: It is essential to monitor the condition of the clevis with pin on the Major sander frame and replace it when you observe the following signs:

   a. Visible deformation, cracks or damage to the screed.

      b. Excessive play in the spindle, which can lead to poor sander performance.

   c. Any severe corrosion that could weaken the structure of the screed.

   d. If you notice a significant reduction in the performance of the sander, even after checking and replacing other worn parts (such as the sanding disc), the clevis may be the cause of the problem.

It is important to note that regular maintenance of your sander, including replacement of worn or damaged parts, is essential to ensure its safety and efficiency. Be sure to consult the Repex Floor leaflet for your Major sander for specific instructions on maintenance and parts replacement. Calling in a professional if you're not sure how to proceed is ideal.

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Clevis pin

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