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Central vacuum head

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Central vacuum motor - Repex Floor
Central vacuum motor 7503
259.00€ Excluding VAT
Central vacuum switch - Repex Floor
Central vacuum switch 7511
41.30€ Excluding VAT
Coal with shunt - Repex Floor
Coal with shunt 7002
17.04€ Excluding VAT
Fuse 10A 250V - Repex Floor
Fuse 10A 250V 75032
1.69€ Excluding VAT

Central vacuum head

Spare parts for Central Vacuum Head

Spare parts for the suction head of Central Vacuum Cleaners are essential for effective cleaning and quality filtration. They include a dust filter for optimum filtration, brushes for different surfaces, tubes and nozzles to reach different areas, and sensors for specific functions. These spare parts help to improve the performance of the central vacuum unit and ensure complete cleaning of the space.

Some spare parts for the Central Vacuum Head are available on this page.