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Cable 3 wires X 2,5M - Repex Floor
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Cable 3 wires X 2,5M

Reference -ELEC3G25

Cable 3 wires X 2,5M ELEC3G25

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Cable 3 wires X 2,5M

Cable 3 wires X 2,5M 

Cable 3 wires X 2,5M  high quality PINK for Ouragan PLO, PLE, CYCLONE, TYPHON1&2, MAJOR, 4D single-brush sanders

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The Cable 3 wires X 2,5M  on a sander is used to route the power supply from the mains to the sander motor. This is a power cable with three wires: phase, neutral and earth.

1. Phase: The phase wire carries the electrical current from the power source to the sander motor, providing the power needed to operate the unit.

2. Neutral: The neutral wire returns the electrical current from the motor to the power source, completing the electrical circuit.

3. Earth: The earth wire is used to ground the sander, which is essential for the user's safety. In the event of an electrical fault or current leakage, the earth wire diverts the unwanted current to earth, protecting the user from possible electrocution.

The 3-wire X 2.5m cable is sized to carry the electrical power required to operate the sander motor safely and efficiently.

Repex Floor has chosen the colour PINK for this cable because, in our experience, it's an accessory that can be mistakenly exchanged on a building site. With pink, you know straight away that it belongs to the craftsman working with a Repex Floor machine!

As for when to consider changing the sander's 3-wire X 2.5m cable, here are a few situations where this might be necessary:

1. Visible damage: if the cable shows signs of wear, such as cracks, deformation, stripped parts or broken parts, it must be replaced to ensure safe use.

2. Malfunction: a faulty cable can lead to electrical connection problems, power cuts or a loss of power from the sander. In this case, it must be replaced to restore normal operation of the appliance.

3. Safety issues: a damaged or malfunctioning cable can pose a safety risk to the user due to the possibility of short circuits or electrocution.

4. Preventive maintenance: as with any piece of electrical equipment, it is advisable to follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding preventive maintenance intervals. Regular replacement of the cable can prevent potential problems and ensure safe use of the sander.

In summary, the 3-wire X 2.5m cable on a sander is essential for routing the power supply to the motor and ensuring the appliance operates correctly. It should be checked regularly and replaced in the event of wear, damage or operating problems to ensure safe use of the sander. If you have any doubts about the condition of your sander's cable, call in a qualified professional to assess the situation.

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Cable 3 wires X 2,5M

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