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Cable gland holder
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Cable gland holder

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Cable gland holder 7023

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Cable gland holder

Cable gland support for R200 Vacuum cleaners and ALIZE Sander

In a sander, the gland holder is used to hold the gland in place and ensure effective protection against dust and particles. The cable gland is an important part of providing a seal around the electrical cables that power the sander motor. However, to ensure optimum protection, the cable gland must be held securely and stably in place, especially in harsh working environments where the sander is exposed to vibration and shock.

The gland holder is usually fixed inside the sander housing, close to the gland. It is designed to hold the cable gland firmly in place, so that it cannot become loose or detached during use of the sander. This ensures effective protection against dust particles and debris entering the sander motor.

The gland holder is made of metal.  

All in all, the gland holder is an important accessory in sanders that keeps the gland securely and stably in place, thus ensuring effective protection against dust particles and debris. In this way, it helps to ensure a long service life and reliable performance of the sander, while reducing the risk of damage or accidents.


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Cable gland holder

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