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Adjustment screw - Repex Floor
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Adjustment screw

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Adjustment screw 12040003

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Adjustment screw

Adjustment screw

Adjustment screw for the Major sander

The sander's frame adjustment screw is an essential component for adjusting and fixing the position of the frame in relation to the base, including adjusting the parallelism. This screw is used to adjust the sanding depth, the angle of inclination of the sander, and the parallelism between the frame and the base.

Its main functions and wear indicators are as follows:

Chassis adjustment screw functions:

1. Sanding depth adjustment: By turning this screw, you can raise or lower the sander frame relative to the base, which controls the amount of material removed during sanding.

2. Tilt angle adjustment: Some Major sanders are equipped with tilting frames. The adjustment screw allows you to change the angle of the frame in relation to the base, which can be useful for specific sanding jobs.

3. Adjusting the parallelism: The parallelism between the frame and the base is crucial for obtaining uniform sanding results and avoiding unwanted marks on the surface. The frame adjustment screw also allows you to adjust this parallelism for precise sanding.

Wear points and when to replace :

1. Excessive wear: The adjusting screw may wear out over time as a result of normal wear. If you notice that the screw no longer turns easily, shows signs of wear, corrosion or damaged threads, it is time to replace it. A defective screw can make it difficult or impossible to adjust the parallelism precisely.

2. Damaged seals or associated parts: Sometimes the problem is not just the screw itself, but also the parts that go with it, such as nuts, washers or locking elements. If these parts are damaged, they must also be replaced to ensure safe and accurate adjustment of the chassis, including parallelism.

3. Deformation or breakage: If the screw deforms, breaks or suffers significant mechanical damage, it must be replaced immediately to avoid any accidents when using the sander.

In summary, the frame adjustment screw is a crucial component for adjusting the sanding depth, angle of inclination and parallelism between the frame and the base of the Major sander. It should be inspected regularly for signs of wear or damage. If you notice any problems with adjustment, difficulty turning the screw, or if the screw shows visible damage, it is recommended that it be replaced quickly to ensure the safety and performance of your sander. For specific information on replacing the adjustment screw, consult the manufacturer of your Repex Floor sander.

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Adjustment screw

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