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Direct motor 1200W - Repex Floor
Direct motor 1200W 14110203
150.00€ Excluding VAT
Electronic motor card V1.0 FR - Repex Floor
Electronic motor card V1.0 FR 14010105
219.00€ Excluding VAT
Electronic motor card V2.0 EXP  - Repex Floor
Electronic motor card V2.0 EXP 14010108
390.00€ Excluding VAT
Motor gearbox - Repex Floor
Motor gearbox 14020500
145.00€ Excluding VAT
Motor endshield - Repex Floor
Motor endshield 4D 14020001
164.00€ Excluding VAT
Reducer ring - Repex Floor
Reducer ring 14020501
38.90€ Excluding VAT
Start-up capacitor - Repex Floor
Start-up capacitor 2200w 14020300
51.00€ Excluding VAT
Static capacitor 50µF 2200w - Repex Floor
Static capacitor 50µF 2200w 14020200
76.00€ Excluding VAT
Static capacitor 1.5Kw - Repex Floor
Static capacitor 1.5Kw 14021502
55.00€ Excluding VAT

4D Motor

4D motor Spare parts 

The motor of a 4D single disc sander is the heart of the machine, responsible for the rotation of the sanding disc. It provides the power needed for efficient sanding operations on a variety of surfaces. The motor's performance directly influences the speed and efficiency of the sander's work, ensuring constant, controlled rotation of the disc for quality results.

Some spare parts associated with the 4D Motor are available on this page.