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Full handle - Repex Floor
Full handle 14030000
630.00€ Excluding VAT
Handle body - Repex Floor
Handle body 14030100
182.00€ Excluding VAT
Sleeve feed wire - Repex Floor
Sleeve feed wire 14010155
20.23€ Excluding VAT
Switch lever - Repex Floor
Switch lever 14030400
15.80€ Excluding VAT
Lockable gas cylinder - Repex Floor
Lockable gas cylinder 14030500
104.00€ Excluding VAT
Cylinder damper gasket - Repex Floor
Cylinder damper gasket 14030501
6.69€ Excluding VAT
4D switch - Repex Floor
4D switch 14030800
12.75€ Excluding VAT
Tilt button spring - Repex Floor
Spring button 14030901
3.29€ Excluding VAT
Safety axis - Repex Floor
Safety axis 14031001
41.10€ Excluding VAT
Thrust washer - Repex Floor
Thrust washer 14031002
4.08€ Excluding VAT
Overmoulded cable 4D  - Repex Floor
Overmoulded cable 4D 14031200
4.49€ Excluding VAT
Machined trigger head - Repex Floor
Machined trigger head 14031300
65.00€ Excluding VAT
Suction gasket - Repex Floor
Suction gasket 14031900
3.91€ Excluding VAT
Handlebar linkage - Repex Floor
Handlebar linkage 14032400
35.00€ Excluding VAT
Handle closing plate - Repex Floor
Handle closing plate 14030101
45.40€ Excluding VAT

4D handle  

Spare parts for the 4D handle

Spare parts for the handle section of a 4D single-brush sander typically include the handle, control buttons, power cable and, in some cases, extensions or accessories to customise the length and grip. These elements ensure comfortable and ergonomic handling of the machine, allowing the operator to maintain precise control while sanding in all directions. Replacing or customising these parts can contribute to a more efficient and comfortable working experience.

Some loose parts of the 4D Handle are available on this page.