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4D Dust extraction

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Vacuum cleaner basket - Repex Floor
Vacuum cleaner basket 14110000
225.00€ Excluding VAT
Vacuum Basket Tube - Repex Floor
Vacuum Basket Tube 14110100
208.00€ Excluding VAT
Suction skirt - Repex Floor
Suction skirt 14050000
224.00€ Excluding VAT
Vacuum cleaner cable - Repex Floor
Vacuum cleaner cable 14070405
14.62€ Excluding VAT
Complete vacuum hose - Repex Floor
Complete vacuum hose 14070000
40.00€ Excluding VAT
Paper vacuum bag - Repex Floor
Paper vacuum bag 14110201
15.00€ Excluding VAT
Fabric vacuum cleaner bag - Repex Floor
Fabric vacuum cleaner bag 14110210
52.00€ Excluding VAT
Dust sensor Ø38 300MM - Repex Floor
Dust sensor Ø38 300MM 14110403
36.00€ Excluding VAT
Vacuum cleaner nozzle - Repex Floor
Vacuum cleaner nozzle 14110204
50.00€ Excluding VAT
Ø38-38 Nozzle - Repex Floor
Ø38-38 Nozzle 14070400
18.00€ Excluding VAT
Screwed end cap - Repex Floor
Screwed end cap Ø38 14110205
7.89€ Excluding VAT

4D Dust extraction

4D dust extraction - spare parts  

Spare parts for the suction section of a 4D single disc sander generally include the suction hose, filter, dust tank and, in general, all the loose parts used for this function. These components work in tandem to effectively collect the dust and debris generated during sanding, ensuring a clean and healthy working environment. Regular replacement or maintenance of these parts will ensure that the sander's vacuum performance is maintained.

Some loose parts of the 4D dust extraction system are available on this page.